About Tamheed

Psychometric Assessments are a scientific method of evaluating an individual’s abilities, personality traits and interests. They have been proven to help users make more objective and informed decisions in many areas including recruitment, selection, training, development, and career guidance.

Silatech has partnered with Mindmill to create a suite of products that can be administered online in a user friendly way, incorporating an expert system to help career counsellors provide personalized advice, and recruiters assess potential candidates.

Accredited by British Psychological Society and contextualised into Arabic and French, Tamheed assessments have been normed for the region by highly qualified psychometricians.

This unique, valuable resource is now available to workforce development initiatives and career centers throughout the Arab world.

Tamheed utilizes two distinct types of assessments to measure different aspects of each candidate’s ability:



This is an assessment of basic literacy skills. It assesses the speed of perceiving letters & selecting them into alphabetical order. These are the foundation skills that allow individuals to read & write fluently and use language proficiently.


This is an assessment of basic numeracy skills. It assesses an individual’s understanding, reasoning & ability when performing numerical tasks including addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.



This is a personality assessment. It measures individual differences in motivation and preferences. There are no right or wrong answers when completing this assessment.


This is the Jobs & Occupations Inventory. It measures individual interests and motivations in terms of careers.